Monthly Archives: May 2018

Frank Gehry Building

I’m Testing the new Sony room Alpha A7R thst I rented over the memorial day weekend.  I rented it at fotocare in Chelsea. Its been awhile since I’ve been there.The last time I rented something from them was in 2007.  Anyway I photographed the Gehry building before with my cell phone and using this camera is a vast improvement. The Leica lenses coupled with the Sony works quite well.  Room I’m still learning the bells and whistles but it’s amazing camera and I think I might purchase one.



Zebra Paris 1979

Scanning some negatives from the vintage files reinventing them with Lightroom and Photoshop is a way that hardly can be duplicated with silver gelatin prints in the darkroom. The quality of silver on paper is uniquely special and digital archival prints can not duplicate that process.