Victor Carnuccio

Founder Artflux Productions Ltd. New York Artist, Columnist, Editor


Born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (1950)

Studied ceramics and glass blowing in Guadalajara, Mexico (1970)

Studies drawing and design at Queens College (1972-73)

B.F.A. Pratt Institute (1979)

Worked as assistant to painter Max Gimblitt ( 1971-75)

Stage designer for “Ghosts and Goddesses” at LaMama, E.T.C. (1973)

Property designer and special effects creator for “C.O.R.F.A.X.” at LaMama (1976)

Photographer for “Harlequin” at the Open Space (1978)

Commissioned wall painting for the Gabrielle Barrett residence (1978)

Traveled to Paris on a photographic project and as a graphic studio trainee at Groupement Graphique (1979)

Worked freelance as a graphic designer at Conde Nast Publishing at Vogue, Bride

Produced visuals for “Ekathrina Sobechenskya Sings Old Russian Folk Songs at Pyramid Club (1979)

Worked as staff designer at Ballantine Books on covers for mass market paperbacks ( 1979-83)

Opened photography studio at 547 Broadway, New York (1983 to present)

Exhibited “Abused Photographs” at Club 57, New York (1983)

Visuals for Ann Magnuson